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7 Year-old patient presents with…..

7-year old male patient who is moderately physically active presents with right-sided lower leg pain present for a few years now, as reported by his mother.
She complains that her son been through a laundry-list of tests at various hospitals and clinics and all they can tell her is that it is “growing pains”. Tests included x-rays, MRI, blood work, and urinalysis to name a few.

Exam findings reveal severely hypertonic right-sided peroneals that are painful upon palpation. A further gait assessment reveals moderate over-pronation of the right sub-talar joint with forefoot valgus and toeing-out greater on the right than the left.

Treatment consisted of myofascial release technique to the peroneals and surrounding structures of the right ankle joint. Fitting for orthotics were also taken for biomechanical aid.

Upon subsequent visit 2 days later his mother reports that he has not complained about his foot pain, but rather commented on how well it was feeling. When returning for his third visit, 5 days later, his mother reports ecstatically that he has not complained about his leg pain and they were both able to sleep sound for the first week in years.

This clinical report is not by any means an expose into treatment outcomes but rather a look into the flaw of our current medical model. Special, and not to mention expensive, testing seems to always be the go to protocol for musculoskeletal pain syndromes when presented to medical practitioners. Simple biomechanical assessment and palpation (YES PALPATION!!!) revealed in minutes what years of tests and thousands of dollars could not. The best part of it all is that the patient experienced immediate results and is still feeling relief up to this point. We as musculoskeletal specialists need to not only educate our patients, but the medical professionals as well. There is definitely warrant for special exams and procedures, but at what cost? The cost to the patient or the cost to the health care system? Unfortunately it’s often both. Fortunately, there are many great heath care practitioners out there who are able to identify and treat the underlying problems both efficiently and effectively.

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