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Brampton Chiropractor Preventing Shoulder Injuries

Brampton Chiropractor Focuses on Preventing Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in Baseball Players

It is no surprise that baseball players are more susceptible to shoulder injuries whether they are acute or from repetitive strain. The variable that is predominantly focused on is proper pitching and throwing biomechanics to help reduce the risk of injury or help rehabilitate an injury. Although this is significantly important to help protect our youth from shoulder and elbow injuries, this Brampton Chiropractor focuses on preventing shoulder and elbow injuries by also completing a functional assessment of the shoulder.

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I have been assessing and treating so many shoulder injuries in baseball players over the years that I have had to focus more of my energy educating players and parents about the importance of regular functional assessments, especially in the pre-season. Getting a player back in the game is one thing, but keeping them in the game is another. Whether it’s a professional or amateur baseball player, they all have the same goal, to stay healthy enough to make it through the season.

Pain is an indication of an injury or an impending injury. When an athlete feels pain, it’s often too late. They are sidelined for a couple games (if they are lucky), given some shoulder rehab, and then put back in the line-up. It kind of sounds like a “patch up” job and too often it is, especially with youth players. NO ATHLETE EVER WANTS TO BE SAT OUT!

What if we could help reduce the possibility of having to be sat out? What if we could help reduce the risk of injury? What if we could possibly speed up the recovery process after an injury and minimize the amount of time on the bench and treatment table? Does that not sound like something every player would sign up for? Well you can!

Let’s look at it this way. Do you wait for your car to start falling apart piece by piece before you get it looked at or do you take it in for regular maintenance to prevent it from falling apart piece by piece? What do you think would be more economical and efficient? Preventing shoulder and elbow injury is accomplished by having functional assessments done on a baseball players shoulder, even if there is no pain. It is maintenance for the shoulder and elbow, just like your car!

The exam focuses on the range of motion, strength and stability of the all of the muscles involved in throwing a baseball. By picking out the specific muscle(s) that are tight, knotted, restricting proper range of motion, and not functioning/contracting properly (we call these dysfunctional muscles), we can focus our treatment and develop a plan with players to “prehab” the shoulder to reduce the risk of injury down the road.

Simply put, the dysfunctional muscle is like a lazy employee on a production line. If one employee isn’t doing their job properly or fast enough other employees on the line have to pick up the slack to get the job done. This means other employees (muscles) must work harder and faster because of one lazy worker. These harder working employees will get tired, aggravated (injured) and eventually everyone will feel the negative effects of that single lazy worker. The same thing happens in the body! Makes sense, doesn’t it?!?

This is why it is important to have an assessment done to weed out this lazy employee and get them working optimally so that everyone on the production line doesn’t suffer the consequences.

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We look forward to making your season a healthier and more enjoyable one.

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