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Here are some #Health #Tips for people who always have excuses for working on their health because of “perceived barriers” such as time or #money. These health tips are breaking those barriers down once and for all. Here are your 10 tips to improve your daily #health….

1. EAT #BREAKFAST! Your car can’t operate on an empty tank, how can you expect your body to?!?download

2. Park further from your work/school entrance. Start the day off right and get some movement in before sitting around at a desk for most of the day.


3. Use the stairs vs the elevator. This is another great way to get the #blood pumping and endorphins flowing early in the day.

4. Take your lunch to work/school. Saves money and time!

5. Take a #water bottle with you and refill it anywhere at anytime. Enables you to stay #hydrated all day, every day! Plus it’s green and saves you from buying bottled water.

6. Use a few minutes of your lunch/break time to get some light #exercise in. Walking or even simple #stretching is a great way to get the blood #pumping without the risk of breaking a #sweat 😉 Bring in your walking shoes to change into.

7. De-stress with some “me time”. Because you are now packing your own food you will have some extra “you-time” on your lunch break. Take 5 minutes and close your eyes and clear your head.

8. Bring veggie snacks for between meal snacking. Veggies aren’t just a great addition to dinner. Raw celery and carrots are great in between meal snacks.


9. Practice perfect #posture. Maintaining correct posture daily will alleviate a lot of #stress on the body, especially the #spine. Decreased stresses will lead to reduced muscle pain especially in the lower #neck/upper #shoulders and the low #back.

10.  Re-energize mid day with some vitamin C. Eating an orange or other fruit high n vitamin C will boost #energy levels to get you over that mid day hump and revitalize you for the home stretch of your day!800px-Orange-Fruit-Pieces


Start implementing these easy and effective health tips immediately and start feeling great all day long! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Dr. Rashaad


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Posted on September 5th, 2013 [active lifestyle, Activity, Chiropractic, Clinic, Cycling, Exercise, Fitness, Golf, Health and Wellness, Injury, Pain, Running, Sports]