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What is Tommy John Surgery?

Baseball season is upon us and a term that gets “thrown around” is Tommy John Surgery. I’ve had 2 patients ask me today alone what it was so I’m sure there are many out there who have the same question.

Tommy John Surgery is a reconstruction of the ulnar collateral ligament. This ligament is located on the inside portion of the elbow joint. This injury is most common in baseball players, especially pitchers because of the forces acting on the elbow from repetitive throwing. These abnormal and highly repetitive forces often stretch, fray, or tear the ligament causing pain. The largest contributing factor is number of pitches thrown followed by types of pitches and throwing mechanics.

The procedure was first performed in 1974 by Dr. Frank Jobe on a former Major League pitcher, Tommy John.

Did you know that newly acquired Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher R.A. Dickey doesn’t even have an ulnar collateral ligament!?!

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Posted on February 28th, 2013 [Activity, Chiropractic, Clinic, Exercise, Fitness, Golf, Health and Wellness, Injury, Pain, Sports, Uncategorized]